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Let’s get your best fans and customers without moving…

…It is possible thanks to the publicity Facebook sponsored which makes it easy to target and reach people who are interested. it’s cheaper than a traditional ad and quick to set up.

What should you do now to boost your business, products / services or sales with facebook?


In mission for individuals and companies who want to use Facebook for business without spending a fortune.


With only $4 / day, you are guaranteed to reach more than 500 interested people

Compared to creating, printing and distributing flyers Facebook advertising requires less expense and effort to provide. In addition, the number of users increases every day. Believe it, this is a real advertising investment opportunity for you who have a very limited budget.


70% of people connected currently are Facebook users.

A significant portion of the clients you are currently looking for are on Facebook. Fame establishes a link between your advertising and future clients taking into account essential parameters (sex, age, location, interest …) so that your advertising attracts the most interested people.


FAME, builds a profitable advertising from A to Z taking into account the objectives that you set.

FAME incorporates your criteria and preferences into how to design your Facebook advertising. This includes the following:

The offer: What is put forward in advertising
The place: area where advertising should appear
The message: Title + text + image + call to action
Follow up: make sure the campaign is going the right way
Evaluation Report: to improve future campaigns

Where to start to reach your goal as quickly as possible?

Check the criteria to respect

Our facebook advertising specialists have 9 criteria to help you launch a profitable advertising.

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Set your advertising budget

The advertising budget is $ 4 / day. Choose the period of time that suits you to reach the maximum number of people interested.


Look, some of our clients for whom we have boosted pages successfully…

FAME is the technological company responsible for building and distributing targeted advertising campaigns via social networks in order to attract fans and qualified customers for the people and companies that solicit us. From our headquarters in Abidjan, FAME serves its partners and customers in more than 10 countries worldwide

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